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I just have to share this most amazing dance video...it's Polina Seminova!!!
Go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz2Gp7a38DM
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do any of you know about running being bad for dancers? I read it somewhere, and i dont know if its true or not.
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I'm in a total balletic mood right now...Just wanted to share a bunch of my fave ballet pics.

NOTE: not good for dial-up connectorsCollapse )

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Here's something I happened to pass by: THE MAKING OF A POINTE SHOE. I'm sure many of us have wondered how pointe shoes are made, like complete with detail. So here it is! It's a beautifully made video and I highly recommend all of you to check it out. ;)




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Hi! I'm Alexa and I'm 15 years old. I turned 15 years of age this November. I've been dancing ballet for a long time. Started off at Steps Dance Studio when I was 4. Quit when I was 7. Joined the Philippine Ballet Academy / CCP ballet when I was 10. Quit when I was 12. Went back last March [had a little 'class' with my cousin in the States] and I plan to keep on dancing. From April to June, I was tied with Ecole de Ballet Manille. In between those years of ballet classes, I took up jazz during summer breaks / danced for our cheering squad. But then we moved to Bahrain coz my dad got a job transfer. Right now, I'm dancing at the Victorian Dance Centre which is recognized by the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Academy / Association. I'm in grade V ballet + pointe, senior jazz, and senior hiphop. I danced the Vaganova syllabus at my former ballet school [Ecole de Ballet Manille] and it was cool.

Recently though, we've decided that schooling in our own country was A LOT better. I used to go to PAREF Woodrose School Inc. and it was a blow off to go to the Philippine School [Bahrain] so we're going back. That's actually a good thing coz I'll be back at a better ballet school [it's more disciplined] and offers four-six classes per week, I'll be the cheerleading captain for my senior year [assistant for this coming sy], I'll probably resume my school choir secretary position, I'll resume piano lessons, and I'll be bonding again with my beloved family and friends.


I'm also interested in a lot of sports especially soccer, baseball, American Football, and Formula 1 Racing. I know, pretty boyish. But I like it. I also enjoy photography, singing, writing, reading, eating, hanging out with family and friends, watching tv, and sleeping.

Well, I look forward to all the things I'll experience here!!!
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Hey! Hope you guys like this!!! I created...and hopefully this will be a place for you to ask for advice, give advice or just even chat.

Till later!

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